Training Video Produciton London UK

How important is a training video for your business?

Here at VideoWorks, we are interested in our business and other businesses. One of the perks of the job is that we are able to enter other businesses and see how they work. From that vantage, we have seen how video has helping to improve businesses! Internal messaging within a business can be complicated and getting everyone on the same page almost impossible. Video production can do this and that’s why training videos are a growth area for us.

Every company worth their salt needs a professional development strategy. Producing a video or a series of videos to help your employee’s professional development or inform them about big changes to their workplaces (we won’t mention Brexit) is a fantastic way of informing them in a visual manner. Since the alternative would be face-to-face meetings, video production to share important information to employees is cost-effective. 

Training video production is also such a fantastic tool because employees are more likely to remember and respond to the training delivered via video. The videos can also be accessed whenever the employees need to and can be re-watched in the workplace or at home. One of the great benefits is that so much training is theoretical but video production and dramatisation can transform the theoretical into reality and multiple types of scenarios and examples can unfold to illustrate an important point.

If incorporating a trainer into the video, it is far cheaper to film the trainer an distribute internally than for the trainer to visit the various locations a business might have. INstead of on-going training costs, a video would require a once-off payment. Get in touch with London’s leading video production provider now for a competitive training video quote!