Video Production Explained

We are a professional video production provider and understanding how a video is made is our bread and butter. However for outsiders, it can often feel challenging understanding how a video is made step-by-step. In this guide, we’ll explain how we produce a video and hopefully it will help you understand the process.

STEP 1: Research and Scripting Your Video

From a marketing point of view, audience research is important but also researching the content of the video is vital so that it rings true to audiences. If interview-based, who should speak and what should they say? If an animation, voiceover led or a dramatisation/training video, what should be said and will it successfully communicate the core message you want to get across?

STEP 2: Pre-Production

Hire professional video production providers (like us….ahem) and get them engaged with the concept. Their role can be creatively active or creatively passive (if an agency is involved). Once the creative is locked, the production company will hire crew and a date is set to begin production.

STEP 3: Production

The production company begin production and organising the logistics of filming. If creating an animated video or an explainer video, this production all happens in the office. If creating a documentary interview-led, the production could happen anywhere in the world or indeed a studio. When hiring a professional video production company, insurances for this step is rudimentary as this is the riskiest stage where you are potentially interacting with members of the public and the company has hired the most amount of employees for the job.

STEP 4: Organising, Encoding and Backing-Up Footage

Immediately after production, an assistant editor is brought in to back-up the footage, encode the footage (change the format) so that all footage is in a standard footage for the editor and then organising the footage. If the sound has been recorded separately, the assistant editor will synchronise audio with video.

STEP 5: Editing

Editing of the video begins. The first target is a first draft or a rough cut. This is immediately sent to the client and feedback is gathered early. Working in partnership with the client, the editor and producer work towards the final cut.

STEP 6: Graphics and Motion Design

Once the final cut has been completed, graphics are designed and implemented. If any animation or moving graphics are needed, they are created here.

STEP 7: Audio Post-Production

The sound is professionally mixed and compressed for delivery on social media platforms.

STEP 8: Colour Grade

The colour within the video is graded, perhaps warmer if communicating fun, perhaps colder if communicating professionalism.

STEP 9: Encoding and Delivery

The video is encoded (converted to several different formats) so the client has several options to use.  Also optional is to create the video in different dimensions (1:1 or 4:3) depending on the platform. The finished videos are sent across on a hard drive or via WeTransfer.

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